About Fumile

“To each his story, to each his Fumile.”

Fumile represents an identity that assumes itself, a playful personality, a defined but also relaxed look.

Fumile's signature, the scar, represents the beauty of healing and the courage to overcome wounds in order to allow for personal growth.

Fumile's identity and the scar form a powerful link that supports the idea of taking responsibility for oneself while being proud of one's journey.


Alex Surprenant and Melodie Lavergne met in 2015 and although they come from very different origins, they discovered a common love for hat making.

Together, they started to create not only a brand, but also a company whose goal is to make people want to wear this accessory as well as to promote this profession that has practically disappeared from our customs. The world of the hat is endless and, although its history is tied to social status and conservative values, both believe in its rejuvenation and modernization.

Fumile offers everyday wearable quality hats, and offers different styles, bold colors and a varied price range in every collection, and for every season.

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