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The boutique experience at Fumile is centered on a tailor-made and personalized service! The store holds an inventory of over 200 hats so you can try on a wide variety of styles and get familiar with this accessory.

** All hats are made in the workshop on the 1st floor. **

We start by trying out the different shapes to determine which style suits you best. Either you have a crush with a hat available in the store, or we go for the custom-made and personalized option! We will take out the different ribbon samples, color choices and different ornaments to make the perfect Fumile hat for you!

As hat makers, we consider your collaboration while remaining true to the aesthetics of the brand. The service also includes the measurement of the head circumference and, if necessary, the mold of your head!

This way of doing things allows you to explore a hat in all its details in order to adapt it to your head and your unique taste. This accessory is in a way the extension of your personality, which is why a Fumile hat stands out.

The hatter, Alex Surprenant and the hatter, Mélodie Lavergne will be happy to welcome you and above all, to guide you through your choice.

Come see us, we'll find the right hat for you!

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